CJ is a marcom guru, creative director and executive leader who designs and leads communication, innovation and culture change programs for clients across industries and sectors around the world. Forward-looking and cause-driven, she is an advisor and catalyst to management teams in non-profits, startups and long-standing enterprises who face complicated marketing and communication challenges.

Starting her career in government and politics (as a Capitol Hill staffer, as a coordinator for the DC Chapter of the ACLU, and as writer and organizer for Art Agnos, Nancy Pelosi and others), she migrated to the public sector applying her expertise policy articulation, community organizing skills and passion for social justice for Apple, Chanel, Citi, Humana, Johnson & Johnson, IBM and Ogilvy among many others.

Her sense of principle and positioning have made her a valued counselor and writer for senior leaders and politicians, and her cross-disciplinary and multi-cultural experience make her a sought-after director of integration, international marcom programs and events.

An incurable Francophile, a fervent San Franciscan and a devoted New Yorker, CJ incorporates her curiosity and love of cultural diversity into her work and play.  She loves to read and swim (but not at the same time).